It's the season of Halloween and it's the perfect time to hit up a haunted house with your friends! The thing is, the word "scary" seems to be subjective these days. What is scary?

One of the horror genre's hottest movies right now is a film called 'Terrifier 2' and is made up of mostly shock and gore. Is that scary? Perhaps it is to some people! But then you have movies like 'Paranormal Activity' and again, that terrifies some people more than the other stuff. So, what is scary? Is it jump scares? Is it the looming unknown in the dark?

The answer is simple: it can be all of these things. However, when it comes to haunted houses in Idaho and frightening residents of the Gem State, things get a little trickier. With a movie or show, there's a production team, a budget, and of course, (mostly) well-trained actors. For haunted houses, you have a team that builds everything but after that? You've got everyday people like you and me, tapping into their inner ghoul or demon, frightening anyone willing to pay for a ticket.

Like with anything though, some are good and some are bad. Today, we're looking at some of the (best) worst reviews of haunted houses in Idaho. I decided to not include the names of the actual haunted houses because this isn't intended to be what people call a "hit piece", but rather a way to laugh and ask ourselves: "What is scary?"

For the people leaving these reviews, it's going to take a lot more than some Idaho haunted houses can offer...

(The Best) Bad Reviews of Idaho Haunted Houses

Have you had a worse experience at a haunted house in Idaho than these people?

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