I started subscribing to an amazing meal prep service by Chef Zee months ago ( If you're interested in his next level service let me know ). As a result I don't have to go to the grocery store very often, however when I do, I really enjoy the shopping process. Let's face it, I love food and the grocery store is full of all types of deliciousness. Naturally this makes me happy but my trips to the grocery store almost always end up with me walking out pissed off.

Allow me to explain, I walk around looking at everything and anything, I put stuff in my cart, I take stuff out that I realize I have no business buying and almost always I end up with less then 10 items in the cart. This is where things start to go south for me. I make my way to the express "10 items or less check out lane". Sometimes there are one or two people ahead of me and in a matter of minutes I get check out and I'm on my way. Other times when the line is a bit longer the attendant at the self serve check out lines will come over and ask me to check myself out. I do not go to a restaurant to cook my own food, why would I go to the grocery store to check myself out. I don't work there! It's their job to ring me up! the price of the groceries includes the salary of the cashier why should I do their job?!. I can't stand it when they insist on me contributing to the elimination of jobs because if they haven't noticed that is exactly what those "self serve" checkout lanes are designed to do. Do you agree or have I lost my mind? Do you prefer to check yourself out at the grocery store?


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