To be honest the Florida State players haven't said much in public since the announcement true freshman Hank Bachmeier will start at quarterback for Boise State when the two collide in Jacksonville Saturday.

That is not the case for the Florida State media and fans on social media. No sooner had the word leaked to Tallahassee and media blogs went up everywhere as to how the Seminole defense would be coming after the true freshman.

One blog predicting the Noles would get up early and then the defense would pin it's ears back and come after the true freshman.

To be honest that is exactly what I expected to hear. Why? Because that's what you hear every time in football when a team gets to face a true freshman.

Bachmeier however is not an 18 year old whipper snapper just out of high school. He's 20 and reported to school in the spring which means he's had almost a full year learning the BSU way.

Plus, he has the potentially the best offensive line since the Kellen Moore days and you can't buy that kind of protection.

One Florida State blogger predicted the Seminoles would stop the Boise State run and once the Broncos had to pass the game was over.

Apparently he hasn't seen Bachmeier throw the ball or hasn't paid attention to the BSU receiving corp. Making Boise State revert to passing might not be the best game plan for the FSU defense.

No questions, as the first Boise State quarterback to start a season opener as a true freshman, Bachmeier is headed into unknown territory.

Then again so are the Broncos as a team, first game ever against Florida State, first game in Jacksonville, so Bachmeier will be in good company and as such, might just feel right at home.

Early last week I blogged my prediction Bachmeier would be named the Boise State starter and after watching the Bronco's Fan Fest practice/scrimmage on Saturday there is no doubt the coaching staff made t


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