Boise State and Florida State will collide a week from tomorrow and neither school has named a starting quarterback.

Boise State's search is down to two, Chase Cord who is coming off an injury but has some game experience and Hank Bachmeier a true freshman albeit with gaudy high school statistics!

Bronco head coach Bryan Harsin felt he had a good feel for who would start until the second scrimmage of the fall when "somebody" he said played very well and muddied the depth chart waters.

Here is where I start to read between the lines and wallow in the waters of conjecture that could swallow me whole!

I feel the only reason coach Harsin has waited until now to name a starting quarterback is because coach is giving Bachmeier all the time he needs to grow into the Boise State offense.

Cord has the experience and with Florida State the opening opponent, going with a known quantity seems the smart move. But if Hank Bachmeier is that good and he's a true freshman, it's only a matter of time until Boise State might have to pull the Cord to play the in four years of Bachmeier.

Plus Cord wasn't really cleared from his ACL injury until mid summer and even now the year old injury seems to be an underlying factor of indecision.

On the other hand, how do you start a true freshman against Florida State?

My guess is the delay in naming a starter is to give Bachmeier everyday of practice he can get to feel comfortable before tagging him as starter.

I've mentioned before, when Kellen Moore began his career as a red-shirt  freshman he did so on the Blue against Idaho State, not in Florida against Florida State.

Whoever starts at quarterback for Boise State August 31st it will be baptism by fire and coach Harsin knows the only rush to naming a starter is from the fans and media. Come game day, Harsin will have a quarterback in the huddle and the most important question isn't who, but is that someone totally prepared.


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