It was 95 degrees at practice time under sunny skies, plenty hot enough for the Boise State football team but not nearly humid enough!

The Broncos are used to heat but as we like to say in the west, it's a dry heat!

Florida doesn't have dry heat and that's where the Broncos will open the 2019 season against Florida State August 31st.

So how do you simulate the kind of humid conditions likely to face Boise State in Florida? You go inside the BSU practice facility, you crank up the heat and then water down the field and spray the players with water,.

Some Florida fans are amused by the Broncos preparation for southern weather but it has paid off in the past like at Troy last year.

Wide receiver Khalil Shakir visited with the media yesterday and when asked what it was like to walk into the practice facility he said, "It's bad".

Shakir said he was trenched in water but was okay with it because that's how you will get prepared. Remember, it's not just the humidity but there are also showers in the long range forecast for Florida. Floridians don't understand, it doesn't rain in Boise during the summer!



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