University of Idaho football coach Paul Petrino still hasn't decided on a starting quarterback as the Vandals head into their second full scrimmage of the fall just two weeks from game day at Penn State.

Despite less than stellar quarterback play last year Petrino and the Vandals are in the same boat as 2018 with mason Petrino and Colton Richardson taking all the snaps.

Anyone who thought a decision on a starter was imminent had to rethink the issue after coach Petrino following the first scrimmage last week said he expected both quarterbacks to see action in the first three games.

Very few people I know believe in the two quarterback system yet that seems to be the game plan going into Penn State August 31st.

Coach Petrino has come under criticism for starting his son Mason but much of the time last year the decision was easy because Colton Richardson was injured.

When Richardson did return in game four, he was injured again.

Once again Richardson and Petrino seem to be the only options and one has to ask, how did that work last year?

Idaho's defense, which gave up better than 37 points per game last year had a good first scrimmage and that's good news for the Vandal offense which needs their defense to hold down the fort so the offense isn't always playing catch up.

Many felt Idaho's return to the Big Sky would mean immediate dominance but that hasn't been the case and with a new athletic director now on board in Moscow, the 2019 Vandal football season will no doubt be under the administrative and fan microscope.

Idaho Vandal football can be heard in the Boise market exclusively on Sports Radio 630 The Fan. The Penn State-Idaho pregame show starting at 12:30pm  Mountain time August 31st.



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