Fourth of July means a lot of things to a lot of people but two of those things are automobile racing and fireworks!

Wednesday night Meridian Speedway will combine it all with racing including the feature Firecracker 100 and the Meridian City Fireworks show after the racing.

The long holiday week actually began Saturday as a packed house watched the Treasure Valley 125 main event won by Kyle Tellstrom of Ukiah, California.

One other fun note from Saturday night is the Pro 4's Track record set by Ken Chandler. His qualifying time was 13.547 seconds and he went on to win the Pro 4 Main event.


Ken allowed his #33 Project Filter car to be on display at the KFXD radio booth during the Boise Music Festival. We had several people climb into the drivers seat to get a feel for racing and just thought you might like to know the car performed like a dream Saturday night.

Here is a look at all the results from Saturday night:

Meridian Speedway

Saturday’s Unofficial Results

NAPA Auto Parts Treasure Valley 125 NASCAR Modified Shootout #3


NAPA Auto Parts Big 5 Latemodels

Quick Time – Trevor Cristiani, 13.214 seconds Trophy Dash A – Kyle Tellstrom Trophy Dash B – Neal Latham Trophy Dash C – Dylan Caldwell

Main Event    1.         #91      Kyle Tellstrom                       Ukiah, CA

  1.         #90      Trevor Cristiani                      Ukiah, CA
  2. #29      Jeff Wade                               Paul, ID
  3. #4        Daniel Johnson                       Nampa, ID
  4.         #5        Ben Crow                                Meridian, ID NASCAR Modifieds

Quick Time – Bryan Warf, 13.660 seconds* A Heat Winner – Colton Nelson B Heat Winner – Jonathan Hull

Main Event    1.         #70      Bryan Warf                             Meridian, ID

  1.         #00      Josh Jackson                           Nampa, ID
  2. #51      Larry Hull                               Boise, ID
  3. #07      Colton Nelson                         Meridian, ID
  4.         #92      Casey Tillman                                    Kuna, ID

Qualifying Main

  1.         #83      Chris Fenton                           Meridian, ID
  2.         #92      Casey Tillman                                    Kuna, ID
  3. #4        Joe Thuss                                Meridian, ID
  4. #08      Donavan Parker                      Eagle, ID
  5.         #14      Nick Cunningham                  Los Gatos, CA


*Track Record

Project Filter Pro-4’s

Quick Time - Ken Chandler, 13.574 seconds* A Heat Winner – Brandon McLean B Heat Winner – Sean Young

Main Event    1.         #33      Ken Chandler                          Kuna, ID

  1.         #34      Brendon Fries                         Boise, ID
  2. #77      Ryan Bailey                            Nampa, ID
  3. #39      Brandon McLean                    Meridian, ID
  4.         #22      Jordan Harris                          Nampa, ID

*Track Record

Coors Super Stocks

Quick Time – Melissa Weaver-Arte, 14.245 seconds A Heat Winner – Melissa Arte

Main Event    1.         #92      Melissa Arte                           Nampa, ID

  1.         #00      Josh Jackson                           Nampa, ID
  2. #82      Tommy Harrod                       Nampa, ID
  3. #36      Ron Hayes                              Boise, ID
  4.         #55      Gale Carter                             Boise, ID

TEAM Mazda Subaru Mini Stocks

Quick Time – Fred Vigil, 15.406 seconds A Heat Winner – Luke Wolverton B Heat Winner – Terrell Daffron

Main Event    1.         #24      Jayson Wardle                                    Kuna, ID

  1.         #87      Jason Sanders                         Caldwell, ID
  2. #15      Fred Vigil                               Nampa, ID
  3. #4        Luke Wolverton                     Boise, ID
  4.         #41      Andrew Harbeston                  Star, ID

Junior Stingers

Quick Time – Rusty Houpt, 16.622 seconds A Heat Winner – Jessika Harris

Main Event    1.         #64      Rusty Houpt                            Meridian, ID

  1.         #11      Cody Castricone                     Meridian, ID
  2. #22      Logan Castricone                   Meridian, ID
  3. #84      Jodi Moen                               Jerome, ID
  4.         #2        Hannah Scott                          Star, ID

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