The first ever "Free Sushi Day" was such a hit, that this BoDo restaurant couldn't wait to do it again in 2017! 

You know what's funny? I had never tried any type of sushi until I moved to the Treasure Valley seven years ago.  To be honest, I can only recall the name of one Japanese restaurant in my hometown and thinking back to the menu...they didn't even serve sushi! It wasn't until one of my co-workers here at the station took me on a lunch time adventure to Superb Sushi in Downtown Boise that I worked up the courage to try sushi for the first time.  To my surprise, I loved it and wish I could've gone back in time to make up for the 22 years where I was too afraid to try anything with raw fish in it!

So when I hear the words FREE SUSHI now, I'm like "Where?! When?! How?!" The where is PF Chang's in BoDo and the when is during regular business hours on Thursday, October 26th. Guests who choose to dine-in will receive a complimentary California or Spicy Tuna Roll! All you have to do to receive your free roll is mention the "Free Sushi Day" promotion or show them the offer by clicking HERE. 

When the promotion launched in 2016, PF Chang's rolled over 98,600 free sushi rolls across the country.  They expect to roll even more in 2017, so swing by the Boise location at 391 S 8th Street to take enjoy your free roll!

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