Boise State linebacker David Moa said this week he's been with head coach Bryan Harsin for most of the decade. That really put his tenure at Boise State into perspective as this is Moa's sixth year with the Broncos.In fact, Moa's freshman year in 2014 was Harsin's first as head coach.

The 6-3 nearly 300 pound Moa has been dominating the opposing offensives but says his biggest achievement this season was being named captain by his teammates.

The fact that his piers voted him a leader is the highlight of his career says Moa.

Earlier this week Bronco head coach Bryan Harsin referred to Moa as Papa Moa. I guess that's the older more mature version of his other nickname the Moa Constrictor.

Moa smiled when told his head coach had called him Papa and when asked which he preferred said either was fine, nice to be Papa but I'm sure deep down he likes being the constrictor.

Moa will be one of the seniors honored Saturday when the Broncos host New Mexico. It could well be his final game on the blue but Moa isn't thinking that way. He plans to be back on the Blue December 7th when Boise State host the Mountain West Championship game. At least that's Moa's plan.



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