When Boise State football coach Bryan Harsin was asked about social media criticism of his 8-1 and 19th ranked Boise State football team he went on a nearly five minute rant about "Twitiots."

That's the term Harsin used to describe those critics of the Broncos on social media. He said they were negative and he didn't care to be apart of that negativity.

To that I say Amen! But to say those people don't deserve to have an opinion may have taken things too far.

"You used to actually have to be somebody to have an opinion" said Harsin. He criticized those who weren't in the stands, watched from the couch and as he said, didn't even watch the whole game because it went so late.

Harsin went on the say, "Don't say anything until you have shown that you have the wisdom and a little bit of expertise to go out there and actually provide a valuable opinion."

Then Harsin talked about the fact how if he was texted by a booster he'd listen because they have a vested interest in the team and most those on social media don't. The message was he doesn't listen to the average fan.

Certainly no one likes to hear criticism but Harsin took it too far when he categorized fans with a vested interest and fans that do not. I submit any fan who tweets their frustration not only has a right to do so but also must have a passion for the team to vent even in negative fashion.

There is no question social media can be hurtful, mean and sometimes even down right untruthful but for better or worse it's a part of life these days.

Harsin needs to simply block out, not chastise those who deem it necessary voice negative opinions. For a coach to do other wise is a path better not taken.

Harsin was right to denounce negativity but to say opinions don't matter unless you've shown wisdom, is misguided. Where would social media be today if everyone was smart...pretty boring if you ask me.




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