There is a long college football season ahead but the funny thing about football is you never know when a particular game or games early in the season will come back to determine who or who doesn't enjoy the holidays by playing in a major bowl game. When it comes to the Group of 5 looking to nail down a New Years Six Bowl UCF and Boise State jump right to the top. In the pre-season polls the coaches give Boise State a slight edge but AP voters went with UCF a spot ahead of the Broncos. Since neither team plays each other and both run the table, how do you decide which of the two is better? Granted it's not a scientific formula but it's interesting that in the first two weeks of the season UCF and Boise State play the same opponent in back to back weeks. Tonight Central Florida is at UCONN where the Huskies are a 19point underdog. A week from this Saturday UCONN will be in Boise to face the Broncos on the Blue. The comparative results might well be a factor come November. Obviously there is a lot that would have to happen for voters to go back to week's one and two, the least of which is both BSU and UCF would need to run the table. UCF has the likes of North Carolina, PITT, Memphis and Navy on their schedule. Boise State looking at Oklahoma State and Wyoming road games plus San Diego State, Fresno State and the always troublesome Air Force Academy. No shoe-in schedule for either team so the common opponent UCONN game could easily become a distant memory....or it could become an ACE in the hand.

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