It's hot! You can even feel the heat indoors as it's almost impossible to cool down. Boise adds a new number one temperature at 107 degrees this week. That's 4 degrees warmer. Yes, the heat is up!

You can float the Boise River which a lot of Idahoans are doing, but that might still be too hot for your taste. Well, try this because it's not only for the wealthy and trendy restaurants. I found a $25 misting option that works perfectly.

Courtesy: Kekeluv

DIY Misting System Under $25 Dollars

Suez Water has already asked that we taper off watering grass during this heatwave. I'm not saying go blast your backyard by any means. I'm only suggesting this because mist option because I just installed it over the weekend. It worked, was simple to install, and kept my family cool.

Misting only puts out a fraction of what's used for a slip-n-slide or sprinkler system. You only need a hammer and water hose to fully install this misting system. We have a patio with about a 10-12 foot open area and that's all you need. The one we got was under $25 that includes a hose fully put together. You have 6 nozzles spaced out keeping steady streams of mist.

Courtesy: kekeluv

All you have to do is nail it in the wood and plug up a hose, that's it. I promise it's easy and would only take you 5 - 10 minutes (that's assuming one of your children keeps interrupting you.) It really only takes a few minutes.

You can purchase larger systems, but this is perfect for what we need. This isn't supposed to soak you at all. My wife is pregnant and we have two small children. This works perfectly for our backyard on the patio during these hot temperatures and keeps the wife cool. (I wasn't running these at night, but turned on quickly so you could see)

Courtesy: Kekeluv

Misters aren't as expensive as you might think like eating on the balcony at Barbacoa. It's a simple hose with mist nozzles. Easy.

Sidenote: This doesn't soak you. A mister is just supposed to lightly comfort you when it's hot. You can sit in a chair under the mister and never get soaked. I can be on my phone with no problem and never feel the need to move.

Courtesy: Loew's

Again, this is just cooling down on a budget. I came across this guy who did his across the entire backyard. You can grab these misters online from Amazon or at Loew's where I got mine. We have a long Summer and it might be worth $25 dollars to stay cool in Idaho!

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