The Mountain West Conference was caught off guard by Boise State's legal move yesterday filed in a Boise district court.

Just hours after news broke that Boise State was suing the Mountain West the two released a joint statement saying in essence Boise State had lodged a complaint and the two sides hoped they could work out the situation without legal litigation.

How's that for damage control. Bottom line is Boise State did file legal papers against the Mountain West for what BSU officials claim is a breach of a contract to grant Boise State special rights and privileges agreed to when Boise State decided to forgo moving to the Big East and re-enter the Mountain West. The agreement really amounted to a 1.8 million dollar bonus each year that conference commissioner Craig Thompson said would go away when the new TV deal with FOX and CBS ends in six years.

Boise State is having none of that and while the Mountain West would rather call it a complaint, Boise State is ready to take their story to a jury trial but for the moment are willing to agree with the league that this might be handled without litigation.

Make no mistake, Boise State is serious in saying they will explore all options and while moving to another conference would take some crazy hoop jumping, it's not off the table.

For now the dust is starting to settle and it's clear the next move is up to the Mountain West. Boise State has thrown down the gauntlet, flexed their muscle and while the rest of the league is probably tired of BSU being the golden child, the fact remains the Bronco's hold most of the chips.

Just ask FOX and CBS if they would have paid as much for a Mountain West TV package without Boise State. End of debate!

The big question now is whether or not BSU and the conference can kiss and make up or with Boise States legal chop block, things have gone too far and a breakup is inevitable.

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