I knew at some point I'd be able to write a story using the phrase "Bronco's go the Extra Mile", as in Extra Mile Arena alias Taco Bell Arena, alias The Pavilion.

I just didn't realize it would be such an epic extra mile, an improbable and inexplicable finish that no Hollywood script could match reality.

Plus I must admit that like many fans at Extra Mile Arena I gave up on the Broncos with about 5 minutes to play. The Broncos were down to Utah State by 18 points with 4:02 to play Saturday and to be honest, BSU pretty much looked inept for 36 minutes. That's why fans started to head to the exits.

I myself couldn't make it to the game but when I checked the TV and saw the score I hung tough for most of the second half and then at about the 5 minute mark I too gave up. No way, no how BSU could win this game.

Had I known a freshman named RayJ Dennis was coming in for the final four minutes I would have seen it as head coach Leon Rice waving the white flag.

Instead, Rice was sending in the Calvary! Dennis, with nothing to lose, came off the bench firing and in the next 3:27 was able to total 19 points. He made four three pointer and was 5 for 5 from the free throw line.

Dennis led a most improbable comeback, helped by the fact Utah State went 5 minutes without a field goal (although they were 11-12 from the line down the stretch) and with 3.6 seconds to go a Dennis trey made it 75-73 Utah State.

Justinian Jessup then stole an inbound pass and scored on a lay-up to tied the game 75-75 with 1.9 seconds to go. BSU went on to win in overtime 88-83.

Like I said, now that's going the Extra Mile!

Imagine my surprise upon waking Sunday to learn what I had missed. Normally I stay to the bitter end but not this time and believe me....lesson learned!

I talked to folks who hung in there until there was 8 seconds to play and BSU down by 5 but then headed to the exit, only to step outside as someone yelled "They just tied the game!"

Extra Mile officials wouldn't let those folks back in for the overtime. I know, you exit, you stay exited but really? This one time there couldn't be an exception?

One sports writer called it a game for all time but I'd rather say it was a finish for all time. Truth be known coach Leon Rice would rather the first 36 minutes disappear because the real magic unfolded in the final four minutes.

Boise State now has the better part of a week to come down off the cloud before playing at Fresno State Saturday.

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