Boise State today filed suit in District Court of the 4th Judicial District State of Idaho against the Mountain West.

Boise State is suing the conference in regards to the new TV deal the Mountain West negotiated with FOX and CBS Sports. Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson saying it this would be the last time the league would allow Boise State to negotiate it's own deal.

BSU stands to lose 1.8 million a year based on their re-entry agreement with the Mountain West, an agreement that allowed for special rights and bonuses for Boise State and the Broncos contend there was no end date to that agreement regardless of TV contracts.

In the lawsuit Boise State expounds on their winning tradition and how it has brought attention to the conference and that TV numbers involving Boise State games are far larger and ratings much bigger than games involving other Mountain West teams.

Shortly after the new TV deal was announced Boise State released a strongly worded statement expressing their displeasure saying in essence they would explore all options moving forward, including leaving the Mountain West.

With this lawsuit Boise State could leave the Mountain West Conference earlier than expected.

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