You might think that winter vacations mean going someplace warm. That's why locations like Florida, Southern California, and even Hawaii become popular destinations this time of year. But what if you decided to take your vacation in a completely different direction this year. What if instead of going someplace warm, with a beach and palm trees, you decided to get back to basics.

When I say getting back to basics, I mean going back to a time when things were simpler. Before cell phones fueled our anxiety, we would gather in one room to spend time with our family instead of Netflix or Disney Plus.

Okay, maybe being without cell phones and television is a little extreme, but what about taking a weekend somewhere closer to home and living in a cave? These caves aren't like the ones that you find bears hibernating in. These caves have been turned into pretty amazing homes, and several are within driving distance that could make your winter vacation memorable for the entire family.

Cave homes are great because they hold up better than regular houses in fires and earthquakes. If you're looking to sleep in, caves don't let nearly as much light in, so you can sleep peacefully until 2pm if you want! Caves are also surprisingly energy efficient. They are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They stay at about the average temperature of the region they are in for the entire year.

We found some cave homes on Airbnb that are within a drive from Boise for you to check out. This may be the winter vacation you'd always hoped for but never knew you wanted.

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