If you’re raising a family of aspiring athletes, your dream home may be waiting for you in Eagle! 

Search through Zillow long enough and you’re bound to stumble across some quirky real estate in the Treasure Valley. Like a Boise home with a full-blown speakeasy in the basement. Or a sprawling Caldwell mansion with its own 50s-style diner. There are even a few homes with indoor pools scattered around the area!

This house, which has a jaw-dropping indoor basketball court, certainly falls into that “quirky” category. It’s not the first time we’ve seen an indoor basketball court in a Treasure Valley home, but trying to figure out why it was there was a little trickier than the first one we found. (Click that link if you want to see photos. Turns out a house that was for sale a few months ago was an old Boise schoolhouse built in 1903.) 

Matt Bauscher/Amherst Madison Real Estate Advisors
Matt Bauscher/Amherst Madison Real Estate Advisors

According to public records, the home at 3752 W Sugarberry has only had one owner since it was built in 2017. That owner was a three-sport Idaho standout when he was in high school. He ultimately ended up pursuing football rather than basketball or baseball. He ended up playing junior college football and took a break to complete his mission before coming back to junior college. He went on to transfer to BYU before being chosen by the Patriots in Round 7 of the 2003 NFL draft. He also spent time with the Rams and Falcons. 

Since basketball was one of his three high school sports, we’re not surprised that there’s a room where he can share his love of the game with his kids. It’s spectacular and in way better shape than the one we found in the old schoolhouse.

Take a look around!

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