Not since 2008 has Boise State beaten a ranked team while the Broncos themselves were unranked. That team was Oregon, ranked #12 at the time and the games was played on the blue turf.

Saturday night the unranked Broncos will have a chance to beat a top 20 team in Washington State but this time the ranked team will have home field advantage.

The 20th ranked Cougars will host BSU at Martin Stadium in a game that will kickoff at 8:30 p.m. MDT.

Boise State beat the Cougars last year 31-28 in a game on the blue in which Washington State head coach Mike Leach felt his team played lifeless. Leach, who isn't afraid to mince words called his team out after the game and I'm sure they remember that uncomfortable moment.

By the way, the air in Pullman is worse than in the Treasure Valley. The index is over 190 and the Mountain West conference has a rule that if the air quality index is 150 or more the game will be cancelled. The Pac 12 doesn't have a rule like that and if the air doesn't clear by Saturday it will be interesting to see what officials do especially with the game scheduled for ESPN.


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