There is no way you can make Boise States quarterback situation into a controversy, not after Boise State took a pre-emptive step today and had both quarterbacks visit with the media.

Montell Cozart was up first and he called Rypien his best friend since coming to Boise and all that is important is to win the game.

Then came Brett Rypien who likewise praised Cozart as a friend and that winning was the #1 goal.

Hard to turn that "bromance" into a controversy! Each player said they helped one another on the sidelines to determine what Troy was doing and how best to conquer the Trojans.

Rypien will get the start at Washington State Saturday, offensive coordinator Zak Hill saying it takes more than one bad game to lose a job you've held for two years. Cozart is just fine with that saying he'll be ready when called upon.

Asked if he looked at himself as a starter or backup, Cozart said neither, my role is to be whatever that role needs to be in that game.

Wow, you have to be impressed. Washington State coach Mike leach says when you have two quarterbacks you really have none. Well not when the two quarterbacks seem to mesh like Rypien and Cozart. Both players went as far to say the other makes them better.

Rypien said today this wasn't his first bad game and won't be his last and he knows, whether Cozart is in the picture or not, he has to play well enough to win or he won't play.

The focus this week not on quarterbacks but on improving as a team because Washington State on the road is a huge step up the challenge ladder.

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