It didn't take long for a pattern to establish this morning at work and on a quick trip to get some breakfast.

The pattern was a series of questions from several folks as to the legitimacy of Boise State being a Top 20 football team. To be honest, the questions caught me by surprise.

First of all Boise State is 9-1 and 6-0 in the Mountain West. BSU is favored by 8 points over a 6-4 Utah State team but those who confronted me weren't comforted by the Bronco's resume in 2019.

Overrated seemed to be the word of the day.

There is no question this has been a weird season for Boise State beginning in August with questions at quarterback. Eventually Hank Bachmeier a true freshman earned the job but of late has been nursing first a hip issue and now a shoulder problem.

Still Chase Cord and Jaylon Henderson have each stepped up and Boise State has seen three different quarterbacks start this year and all three have posted wins.

Not the ideal situation but evidence the Broncos quarterback room is deep in  talent.

Another cause for concern is the inconsistently of a veteran offensive line. In fact I was taken back last week when John Molchon said the line was still learning how to communicate. At that stage we were nine games into the season.

The turn over battle has not been pretty with opponents winning the battle but losing the war.

Okay critics I will give you this hasn't been a pretty season but 9-1 has a nice ring and with a win Saturday Boise State will once again have 10 wins in a season, a Mountain West division title and get to host the Mountain West Championship game December 7th at 2 pm.

BSU will have a chance to finish the regular season 11-1 and the entire year at 13-1. Maybe that's what it will take to silence the critics.

There are a lot of programs that would trade BSU in a heart beat!

Bronco defensive tackle Chase Hatada said earlier this week the Broncos will head to Utah State with a little chip on their shoulder. If that's true and Boise State plays with that chip Saturday night they'll return home 10-1 and it's pretty hard to find any fault in that record.


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