Social media has every excuse there is for Boise State loosing to Fresno State Saturday 28-17.

Meaningless game they say, Boise State held back on the playbook, there was more in a win for Fresno State than Boise State. I agree, that prevailing attitude cost Boise State a win. Instead of 10-2 the Broncos are 9-3 and while they still get to host the Mountain West title game they haven't earned the right for anything more than another visit to the Vegas Bowl

Boise State got beat Saturday and Fresno State was the better team, especially when it came to attitude. If the Broncos think  the Bulldogs won't bring it again this Saturday BSU will end the year 9-4.

Some on social media have called for Bryan Harsin to be fired, that's just silly! I didn't agree with every move he made Saturday but wasn't he recently a genius in Forth Collins? Harsin is 9-3 and his only coaching job right now is to make sure the Broncos bring it Saturday when Fresno State comes to town.

I guarantee Fresno State had talent last year when they went 1-11 but they lacked confidence and attitude. All that has changed and now they have the same record as Boise State and the same goal, a Mountain West title. Saturday the Bulldogs also had a better focus, they knew the game wasn't meaningless.

As the Broncos get ready for Saturdays rematch there is one message coach Harsin needs to hear and heed. Harsin's early season decision to insert Montel Cozart into a rotating roll with Brett Rypien was a necessity. Rypien was struggling and losing confidence but now Rypien is on fire and needs to be the fulltime leader because he's the best you have at quarterback and the best chance to move the chains.

10 win seasons are rare these days with the parity of college football and they have to be earned, a lesson learned in Fresno but fortunately for the Broncos, there's a chance to re-take the test! Hopefully BSU players and coaches took notes!

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