One of the dumbest questions I've ever heard asked of a football coach was asked of Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin during his weekly media press conference.

Coach which of the two upcoming games against Fresno State do you want to win most?

If you said coach Harsin would say "Both of them", you get to ask another question!

Why both of them? Because said coach Harsin, " I don't know any other way".

That's the way it should be and if you want a million more reasons why BSU should be motivated to win both this Saturday at Fresno and then December 2nd against the Bulldogs in Boise is because they'd end the season 11-2 and maybe in the top 20 of the college football playoff poll.

That means a possible New Years six bowl game and millions of dollars more than the Las Vegas Bowl payout.

Football is 90% mental and I guarantee the Fresno State coaches are drilling their players about the chance of hosting BSU again December 2nd if they can win soundly this Saturday. The Bulldogs will leave nothing on the field Saturday.

It will take a special kind of discipline to focus and go 1-0 this week if your are a BSU player. Ever since Virginia the Broncos have shown that type of focus, even at Colorado State. The Rams had nothing to lose and they came out swinging. The Broncos swung back and won something that never could have happened if they came into the game with a lack of focus.

It doesn't really matter who you go through to win a championship, you just have to complete the journey, you're not there to check out the scenery!

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