The Masters golf tournament is underway at Augusta National and they say just about anyone in the field can win this year. Obviously a healthy Tiger Woods who has come close to winning on the tour this season has created a ton of excitement and when he and Phil Mickelson played a practice round together folks starter dream talking about that being the final twosome on Sunday. Now if you don't have a dog in this fight, how about a trio of players who competed and won the Albertson's Boise Open. Justin Thomas won at Hillcrest just four years ago while Jason Day won the Boise Open in 2007 and two time Masters Champion Bubba Watson was the Boise Open winner in 2005. It's interesting, in 2007 I had a chance to play one hole with Jason Day as part of the media round. I feel bad now that I actually asked the question...who is this guy anyway! We're even though because I'm sure he asked the same of me as soon as he saw my swing. So if you're looking for a golfer to get behind this year remember, Watson, Day and Thomas all cut some of their golfing teeth right here in Boise.

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