The University of Idaho Student Senate has voted 10-5 to ask for the firing of Vandal Athletic Director Rob Spear in regards to the way a student sexual assault report was handled by Spear in 2013 and 2014. The vote came a day after Spear was placed on a 60 day administrative leave and after Spear spoke to the student senate at it's regular Wednesday meeting last night. Spear told the students that in 2013 he had a daughter going to the University of Idaho and would never condone any harassment or sexual assault. In general the student senate felt his words and apology came too late and may have never come at all had the issue not resurfaced in the media. Why did it take media coverage to bring this issue and the way it was handled to light before athletic officials came forward to admit they may have not handled things perfectly. Some on the student senate didn't feel Spear should be fired but if retained, should be on a last chance basis. It was also mentioned football coach Paul Petrino have a "last chance" clause as well. What happens now is a guessing game as the University has asked for an outside investigation and pending those results will make a decision on Spear and recommendations going forward..

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