It was a slow Tuesday morning so I decided to check my social networks. Most of my contacts are mature and dependable sources from which I learn much. The posts of one particular son in law, however, need a little do-diligence before they can be accepted as actual fact including his most recent concerning Earthwork Jerky! Fish have long known there is nothing more desirable than a big fat juicy worm. Now it appears the crunchy taste of Earthworm Jerky is also appealing to fisherman as well. Talk about multi-tasking, now we can catch fish with our own snacks! If the fishing is dead, just grill up some bait! Apparently Earthworm Jerky is for real. I mean you can order it from Amazon so that must mean it's not fake news.







Here is the really cool part, there is no artificial flavoring. I guess these taste as close to earthworm taste as possible. No mint flavoring to spoil the experience. Plus, if you want to be heart healthy, Earthworm Jerky is boiled and dehydrated, not fried! Plus it's a great source of protein and there's no artificially coloring. The worms are grilled and oven dried for that extra special delight. Why would you consider hamburgers or hotdogs this Memorial weekend when there's plenty of night crawlers to grill and rather than throw away the left overs you can use them to catch the next family picnic entre. Part of me is still not sure this is on the up and up or if I've just had my head in the sand weary to try new things. Maybe it is time to live dangerously... Fine, I'll have an order of Earthworm Jerky with a side of broccoli.

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