The Boise Hawks scored three times as many runs in the first two innings last night at Hillsboro as they had the last two games at Salem Keizer.

The end of a batting slump was timely as the Hillsboro Hops lead the division and with the 5-1 last night Boise is now within one game of tying the Hops atop the division.

Boise scored 3 runs in the first two innings compared to 1 run over the last 18 innings at Salem Keizer.

Boise pitchers held the Hops to just three hits to dominate the game and send a message Boise is not out of this thing yet. The division champion advances to the playoffs.

Boise plays at Hillsboro again tonight as their 15 game road swing continues with no home game in sight until September 1st when they end the regular season with a three game series against Hillsboro that, as the way things are shaping up, could decided who advances to the playoffs.

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