I can't remember the last time I saw an inside the park home run in pro baseball yet the Boise Hawks have hit two this season and both were this week in Eugene.

Bladimir Restituyo stroked an inside the park homer Tuesday and it helped Boise beat Eugene 3-1.

Thursday night Michael Toglia also out raced a shot to the wall, covering all the bases for the Hawks lone run in an 11-1 loss.

Baseball is the one sport that has a record for everything so I'm sure a a pair of inside the park homers have happened before in the same week for the same team but you have to admit, that's pretty interesting.

Here's another interesting tidbit: According the Baseball's Almanac, The All-Time record for inside the park homers is 55 held by Jesse Burkett who played in the majors from 1890-1905 when ball parks were configured much different than now. Burkett batted 400 twice during his career and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1946.

The leader in inside the park homers in the modern era, 1950-now, is Willie Wilson with 12. Impressive because Wilson had just 41 career homes.

Tied for second all time in the modern era are Lou Brock and Roberto Clemente each with eight. Not surprisingly all three were speedsters!



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