You can tell a lot about a person from their license plate if they've opted for a vanity one. Or you can't. Sometimes owners choose an arrangement of letters so hard to figure out, it's clear they only got the plate for themselves as some sort of inside thing only they and their circle understand. But I like to come up with my own meanings for them anyway. Here are 9 Idaho plates that'll amuse you right away and 1 that'll leave you scratching your head.

Kid approved

1. KDAPRVD. So apparently this Honda is kid approved. Lucky. My kids don't approve of my car because it's not cool. Spoiler alert: Cars suitable for toting children are hardly ever cool.

Reverse It

2. REVRSIT. Is this person a Missy Elliot fan? "I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it"? Probably not. I bet they're just talking about moving the car. Is hitting it in reverse cool in car land? I'm not well versed.

Mrs Hunter

3. MRSHNTR. She's a married lady. She's a hunter. Mrs. Hunter. Or she's a married lady whose last name is hunter. But the trees on the license plate make me feel like she hunts in the woods.

knee deep

4. NEEDEEP. Whatever this person's life is, I guess they are always knee deep in something. But to put it on a plate, I'm guessing they mean it in a good way. Or they're advertising that they live in complete overwhelm. Is this is a cry for help?


5. XCELER8. Probably a little speed demon, this one. Pretty clear the joy in driving for this person is to accelerate. I hope they're never stuck behind me. I always stick to the speed limit.


6. TURM1N8. Clearly this is terminate, but why? In my head this is a sadistic HR person who enjoys administering exit papers for people who've been fired. And I'm sticking with that theory because it makes me laugh.


7. RU1NED. Wow, no mincing words here. Is the vehicle ruined or their entire life? But it's hilarious and by far my favorite vanity plate. Too morbid to assume it's a mother who got pregnant out of wedlock and her parents are mad and gave her a car to help support her and the baby but must have this plate as some sort of scarlet letter? I took it too far.

smile maker

8. SMYLMKR. A smile maker has to be a dentist or an orthodontist, right? Or maybe it belongs to a hype queen confident in her ability to make others smile. I'm kind of bummed I didn't think of it first.

muggle born

9. MUGLBRN. Potter Heads know this one. Muggle born! Magic folk (witches and wizards) born of non-magic folk (muggles). As a huge Harry Potter fan, this one tickles me so much and I want to be their friend.


10. PUPHALR. Huh? A weird breathy way to say "popular"? Something about dogs? Maybe I've been looking at it for too long and that's why I can't figure it out. If you do, let me know.

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