“New year, new me.” That’s what they say, right? So why not kick off the upcoming new year with a new personalized license plate that lets everyone know that you’re in with the times. My fellow parents would agree that we can sometimes feel out of touch with what is considered “trendy” so I took it upon myself to visit AccessIdaho.org. It was here that I decided to do the hard work for you and sift through some available choices for you to personalize your plates in 2022. Some of these may be for you, some of these could be for a friend. Regardless, I ran these through their search and can 100% confirm that at the time of this writing, these plates are available for your Idaho vehicle. Let’s get started!

8 Hilarious Idaho License Plates We Can't Believe Are Available

If you want to mix things up on the road, customize your Idaho license plate with these available options.

Are You Smart Enough to Pass the Idaho Driver's Test If You Had to Take It Today?

New Idahoans have 90 days to apply for their Idaho driver's license after moving here. To pass? You have to get 36/40 questions correctly! Are you up for the challenge?

10 Bad Driving Habits That Could Get You in Trouble With the Police in Idaho

Five Driving Rules Idahoans Should Adopt

Yes, living in the Treasure Valley is great however sometimes it can just take being "rubbed" the wrong way on our streets to completely throw you off for the day. Road rage, as we have seen from recent viral TikTok posts, is REAL here in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes, we get so used to streets not being busy that when they are, we go a little crazy. This is the case from the freeway, as well. According to a local driving group, this graphic sums up a list of rules that Idaho drivers need to pay attention to. What do you think?

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