The influenza virus in Idaho is quickly becoming an epidemic.  13 people have already died this season which is the most in the past eight years.

Chances are, you've either been hit by the flu or you know at least one if not many others that have.  Public health officials are urging anyone who has not been vaccinated for the flu virus to do so as quickly as possible.

Five new reports of flu related deaths in Idaho have just come in for the past week alone and if you're thinking that we've made it past the worst... think again.  Randi Pederson who is the Idaho state coordinator for influenza surveillance said...

“Flu is widespread in Idaho and may be especially severe this season.  Unfortunately, this flu season is far from over."

Peak months for the flu are normally January and February which means WATCH OUT!  Getting vaccinated is the best way to keep from getting the flu but other tips are to see your doctor quickly when feeling sick, do not go out... it's very contagious, and get plenty of sleep.

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