Idaho has over 100 ghost towns, but you probably never heard the history behind these abandoned towns.

These 10 towns popped up in the mid 1800's and were gone by or well before the 1940's. What fun little ghost towns to discover in Idaho's history!


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    Gilmore is between Idaho Falls and Salmon. Here you'll find an abandoned hotel and post office make for an creepy trip you will never forget.

  • 2

    Rocky Bar

    Rocky Bar was a bustling city in the 1860's and it grew so quickly that it was in the running to become Idaho's capital! Now very little remains of the life that once lived there.

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    Ulysses was once home to one of Idaho's biggest gold mines. Located near Indian Creek, all that is left there today is a few cabins and mining remnants.

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    Leesburg was named after General Robert E. Lee, for a while it was the largest town in Lemhi County. Today there's pretty much nothing left.

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    Located near Gilmore, Idaho. Early settlers made makeshift homes to get by, earning the nickname "Tent Town" and when they upgraded to cabins, rags were stuffed between the gaps in the wood to keep out the cold, which gave this now abandoned town the name Ragtown.

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    A mud slide was the demise of Roosevelt. Many of the residents refused to move even though they knew they were in danger.

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    Located in Owyhee County, this town used to be filled with gambling houses, madams,and bars. DeLamar was known as the "womanizing city" of the state until 1914 when the war significantly dropped the price if silver and people left.

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    Reynolds Creek

    A school and a post office were in Reynolds Creek in the 1880's and the small town went through several name changes until the mail was rerouted and Reynolds Creek was abandoned.

  • 9


    This town used to exist between Boise and Mountain Home. Modernization made Mayfield unpopular and one by one people moved out, most of them to Boise.

  • 10

    Yellow Jacket

    Near Roosevelt, the city of Yellow Jacket brought people in during the gold rush but people moved out by 1942 to move on to bigger and better things.

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