You've seen it traverse the glob on the back of a massive 18-wheeler.

Why just gawk at it when you can live in it? This is a real thing that's happening.

Kristie Wolfe spent two years as a crew member on the truck that pulled the 12,000 pound spud, and is pulling a little rank now that the potato has been decommissioned. Wolfe's plan? To turn it into a 200 square foot potato AirBnb. Wolfe says:

This has been something I have been calling dibs on for many years. I really thought it was going to be a long-shot to get it because it's a pretty wacky idea, but so was putting a potato on a truck.

...we're all asking the same question: "How do you turn a 6-ton potato into a motel?" Wolfe plans on coating the inside of the monster potato with spray foam and decorating the interior as "fark sheik."

While no completion date has been set, you can bet your roots that we'll be staying in that giant comfy nightshade soon enough.

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