Henry Winkler? Absolutely. Peyton Manning? Definitely. Will Ferrell? I guess so!

Add former Saturday Night Live cast member and comedy superstar Will Ferrell to the list of celebrities that have recently made Idaho their fly-fishing vacation destination.

Will and some friends started their fishing trip in Ketchum and Sun Valley a few days ago and managed to go mostly unrecognized until he ordered a Manhattan at a bar in Mackay.

He told the owner at Perks Place that they had been fishing, got hungry, and decided to see what the small town had to offer for food. They ordered a pizza at another location before stopping at Perks for drinks and a few games of pool at around 8pm.

It must have been nice for Ferrell to stay low-key during his vacation, but that didn’t last much longer. The owners made sure to let KTVB know soon after he left their establishment.

According to KTVB’s report, Perks Place has been a part of the fabric of McKay since the early 1900s, and this is the first time anyone remembers having a celebrity stop by.

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