Quick look at the weather forecast and it looks like the weather for water activities is going to hold up for the foreseeable future. Next Sunday will hit triple digits if the forecast is correct. All the daily highs are in the 90’s. So keeping cool is definitely the priority, and making it fun is especially important if you have kids.

Unless you have a pool, this can be a bit of a struggle to accomplish regularly. Roaring Springs is ideal for a big day of fun. Running through the sprinklers and playing with the hose is cool for a spur of the moment fix. But heading to the splash pad is a perfect happy medium. It’s free, your kids can socialize with other kids, it doesn’t feel boring to them ‘cause they aren’t at home, and you don’t have to deal with the crowding that can happen at the water park.

But which splash pad is the most fun? My kids have only played in the water feature downtown in The Grove Plaza this summer, which was a spur of the moment decision.  But when it comes to actually packing up the kids for an intentional trip to play in the water, where is everyone heading? Lucky Peak has what’s basically a splash pad in the lake. Stephen C. Guerber Park in Eagle’s splash pad has a 5 Star Yelp rating and one of those big dump buckets that tips over once it fills up. Settler’s Park in Meridian is also highly rated on Yelp and has a ship theme for its splash pad, which I find cutie. What’s your favorite splash pad?

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