It's St. Patrick's Day and it doesn't matter if you're Irish or not - celebrate! This city is turning green with food, drinks and music. Here's a full rundown of what you can do today.

BLACK ROCK COFFEE (more like Green Rock Coffee... Am I right?)


The Rocci Johnson Band will be performing (what kind of holiday would it be without them). There's also a scavenger hunt, prizes (yes, the Rocci Johnson kind of prizes) and drink specials. Wear the most green you possibly can and you will be rewarded! No cover tonight.


"Brew with Sue" Adult Night happens for the third time and each time it has been sold out. On top of the giant T-Rex named Sue exhibit, you can learn the science behind shamrocks, rainbows and Idaho gold and silver. Drinks are available for purchase along with dinosaur themed snacks.

What else is going on tonight?

The Boise Highlanders are making their rounds through restaurants and clubs. If you want to catch them, the Idaho Statesman has their tour schedule. Yes, tour. That's what today is all about.

Want corned beef and hash? I don't have any idea why you would want to eat it but today is that day.

  • Piper Pub and Grill has a menu with all Irish food (bangers and mash, etc)
  • Shangri-La Tea Room with vegetarian Irish specialties
  • Saint Lawrence Gridiron with Irish potatoes, smoked bangers and mash
  • Westside Drive-In has roasted corned beef dinner at both locations
  • O'Michael's Pub is tossing their regular menu for the day in favor of Irish specialties

If you're Catholic and are thinking that you want corned beef but know you have to avoid meat on Fridays during Lent - today is your lucky day. A Boise Bishop says "let them eat meat."



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