The temperature climbed above 70 the other day and you could see the foothills come alive with movement. I'm not talking about the local residents, rabbits, quail, coyotes and the like, I'm referring to people their bikes, dogs and horses.

Yes sir, everyone was more than ready to hit the hills running, walking, hiking, biking and I was right there with them.

Of course it didn't take long a for a mountain biker to complain I was in her way because she wanted to bomb down the hill and was wondering what happened to the no dog signs. Ironically she mentioned this as I was moving out of her way so she could bomb away.

By the way, there never were any no dog signs, in fact there are "poop bags" at the start of this particular trail area reminding everyone to pick up after their canine friends.

I decided to do some checking and there is actually an Etiquette for all brochure provided by Ridge to Rivers a multi agency partnership dedicated to providing a safe, sustainable trail system in the Boise Foothills.

There are special instructions for hikers, equestrians and bikers. Among the many etiquette suggestions is to "Share the Trail" and do so with respect. Bikers are supposed to yield to hikers. Yield means slow down and prepare to stop if necessary. There was no mention of "bombs away".

Hikers need to go in single file and keep dogs on a short leash in high traffic areas. Mountain bikers are encouraged to stay under control, anticipate hikers and walkers and be friendly and communicative. The gal I met was certainly communicative I'll hand her that.

Also, if you are leaving prints in the trail it may be too wet to use that trail. Never go off the trail or create new trails, narrow trails mean less environmental impact.

Always remember that all user groups have their rights and responsibilities to the trail system and other users.

In short expect the unexpected, small children, dogs even the elderly can be unpredictable. Remember, everyone is trying to accomplish the same goals, fresh air, exercise and viewing the beautiful foothills.

Share the Trail it's just plan Idaho etiquette..

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