Listen, I get it. I’m that person who puts my Christmas decorations up as soon as Halloween is over. 

I get ridiculously giddy for all of the holiday things: when Christmas music starts playing on the radio, when neighbors start displaying twinkling lights on the outside of their home and when stores have adorable decorations for me to purchase so that my house looks like Santa vomited all over it. I eat this stuff up.


However, on the flipside, I’m basically Scrooge once the holiday is over. 

December 26 hits, and I’m packing up all of my decorations in a fever, briskly tossing them in boxes to be forgotten about; pretending like I wasn’t just eggnog drunk in a Christmas onesie the night before. 


We need to cling to the things that bring us joy

But I completely understand – if those Christmas decorations bring you joy and make the holiday cheer last a little longer, you should absolutely wait to put them away. I mean, that's why I put my decorations up nearly two months before the actual holiday.

However, it IS almost officially the middle of January, and I drove past multiple homes this morning that were still completely decked out in holiday decorations.


So, how long is too long?

According to Good Housekeeping, 12 nights after Christmas (January 6) officially marks the end of the Christmas season, known as the Twelfth Night or the Eve of the Epiphany. This tradition dates all the way back to the fourth century.

Furthermore, there is a lot of superstition surrounding this tradition. Many believe that waiting too long after The Twelfth Night to take down decorations will bring bad luck.


There you have it

I'm not necessarily saying I believe in the bad omen of waiting too long... But all I know is, we’ve had enough bad luck these days, I suggest we not push our luck.

So if you are one of those procrastinators, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but this is your sign to pack up Rudolph and all of his buddies.

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