We mentioned this a coupe weeks ago when it was first announced but now it's showtime for Curtis Weaver.

The former Boise State "sack master" will take part in the All-Star Football Challenge schedule for tomorrow night at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Weaver finished last year with 13.5 sacks and 34 career sacks, a Mountain West record.

Only 24 players have been invited to this made for TV event to be broadcast on ESPN2 Friday at 7 pm. The players will be divided into six teams with Weaver on the "Wild Card" team which includes fellow Mountain Weest standout Utah State quarterback Jordan Love. At least this time Love won't be running from Weaver, rather embracing him!

Weaver is the fourth Boise State player to have been invited to this event. Kellen Moore, Titus Young and Cedrick Wilson the other three.

While there is a team, competition, each player is put through individual skill competitions that score points for the team.

Weaver has decided to skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft and the made for TV skills event will certainly put his abilities to the test in front of NFL coaches.

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