There's a meme circulating on the internet about woman's evolution into being able to carry a ton of stuff in one hand at one time due to the lack of real or deep pockets in clothing.

As a woman I can attest to this personally. My hands have adapted for sure. But what's still an annoying struggle is when you sit down to eat at a restaurant. Where are you supposed to put your stuff where it won't take up space on the table or the seat? Hanging your purse on the back of the chair works out poorly because you can't keep your eyes on it easily. What if someone snatches it?

So far Twigs Bistro is the only spot I've been to in the Treasure Valley that caters to holding your stuff out of the way. Each table has at least two double sided hooks to hang your keys and pocketbook and their placement is in easy view an access to you while you dine.

attachment-table hack

Maybe there are other places around the Treasure Valley that also utilizes the hooks but I haven't noticed them. I will definitely start looking every single time I go out to eat. I can tell you that Mai Thai in downtown Boise doesn't have any hooks. But there are some on the wall that look like they are for the divider curtains that you can use.

Now if only every restaurant had a designated spot to put your phone so it's out of the way while you're enjoying a meal.

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