We searched Yelp to discover the top kid-friendly/family restaurants in the valley, and the results have us absolutely rolling. 

We’re legitimately questioning if Yelp even knows what a child is. 


It didn’t matter how we worded our search, or which town in the Treasure Valley we selected, the results were absolutely bonkers:

  • What child in Meridian looooooves to go to Ramen Sho for dinner?
  • You’re telling us that Italianesque in Nampa is the restaurant of choice for a family with five young toddlers? 
  • Boise parents: is Bardenay truly where you regularly take your children?


If this is where parents are taking their children for dinner these days, I want to get adopted by all of you (no offense, mom and dad). 

But unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case. 

Yelp, you may have officially lost your touch, but it sure was funny to see. 


So, in order to clear up this hilarious mishap, we asked parents of the Treasure Valley where they actually like to take their children for dinner. 

Listed below are their Top 10 Favorites:

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