Idaho is unique in that you can experience both city living and the great outdoors without traveling too far. Hiking, boating, camping, fishing, and hunting are all at your fingertips and you don't have to take the entire day to get it done. And one of the coolest things is the wildlife you can see on such adventures. But unless you're Dr. Doolittle or an experienced photographer, odds are you won't get close enough to really witness the majesty that are Idaho critters. There is however a photographer here that takes captures some of the most breathtaking and even hilarious pictures of the wildlife here.

As described on her Instagram page, Caren Bays is a "Nurse...Wife...Mom...Photographer." And while the first three titles are impressive enough, it's the last title we get to experience through her impressive feed. Few people could take the snapshots she does. Admittedly I am terrified of birds, but I am strangely fascinated by the photographs of eagles. It seems they have so many moods!

Seriously, scrolling through her feed puts a smile on my face like this moose.

You can't say that's not one of the coolest pictures ever. I literally have never seen a moose look anything but stoic unless I was watching The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. You can give her a follow on IG: @idahocamogal. She also specializes in landscape photography along with her husband, Jason, with whom she runs a photography business. I would really like a picture of an Idaho mountain goat. They remind me of polar bears but I know I'd never be able to snag the photo myself. Guess I know who I'll be hitting up.

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