One of Boise's largest employers is shipping jobs oversees, even though they're making more money than ever.

In its most recent fiscal year, Micron reported $20,300,000,000 in revenue. That's a 64% increase over their previous year's records. Yet, they're currently in the process of letting employees know they'll be losing their jobs as they move more operations to a Micron plant in Taiwan.

Why the cuts? It seems counter intuitive, doesn't it? Micron spokesperson Marc Musgrove explains:

Micron's mission is to be a global leader in memory and storage solutions. To achieve this requires continued innovation and the ability to deliver solutions to our global customers quickly and efficiently. For this reason, Micron is establishing manufacturing, technology and business centers of excellence that will streamline processes, optimize our global footprint and ensure we use the talents of our team and our resources as effectively as possible.

While we don't know exactly how many jobs will be outsourced to Taiwan, an unnamed source is saying "hundreds" of employees in Boise will be losing their jobs.

Maybe now would be a good time to put in an application at Target, as they're about to raise their minimum wage to $11 an hour at stores nationwide.


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