There are dozens of sweet dogs waiting for a home like yours, and this is a great time to bring one home!  And even more than usual, the dogs at Merdian Canine Rescue could use an assist.

Meridian Canine Rescue says on its website that it needs to raise $5000 this month for its Behavior and Training Program.  If you want to give them a boost, click HERE.  And if your dogs are well-trained and obedient, you are winning at life!  My Benny (mini Schnauzer) and Libby (mini Pinscher) have good intentions, I just know it, but they lack a little on the follow-through.  Blame the owner, I guess.  And thank Meridian Canine Rescue for keeping other Treasure Valley pups acting right.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

Meridian Canine Rescue is a no-kill canine rescue that isn't in this for profits.  Their goal is to save lives by giving homeless and owner surrendered dogs a second chance through a network of more than two hundred volunteers and countless foster homes. They're doing some good work.

I adopted Libby a few years back after she had been fostered for several months, and she was so happy with the foster mom, that she didn't want to leave!  That was a good problem to have, and eventually, she got used to me and accepted her new lot in life.  And now we're living happily ever after.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

Meridian Canine Rescue has helped place more than 2,500 dogs in great homes over the years, and dogs like Ricky, Jango, and Marshall are waiting for homes as we speak.  Click HERE to find an adoptable dog that would be a perfect addition to your squad.

All of the dogs adopted from Meridian Canine Rescue are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and that saves a ton of money right up front at the vet.  And if you ever need to update your pet's microchip information, an article came out last week with information about how to do that, even if you don't know the name of your pet's registry.  With broken gates and fences, strange noises, and other things that invite dogs to run away, it's good to be prepared just in case.

Meridian Canine Rescue has changed some of its adoption procedures because of the pandemic, and they're still working off of appointments for now.

And if you're not ready to adopt, they always appreciate those donations.

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