Earlier this year I told you about two Italian towns willing to pay Idahoans to move there. Now, it seems Switzerland has caught on to the trend as one of their towns is willing to pay us even more to move!

Albinen, located in Switzerland's stunning Canton of Valais, is currently facing a population crisis with only 240 residents left in the remote village. Only seven of their residents are children, which forced the local schools to shut their doors. Their solution? Setting aside $100,000 each year to bring new families to their community.

For those of you who have ever dreamed of packing up and starting a new life abroad, this could be your chance. This town is framed by the incredible Swiss Alps and offers some stunning alpine views. However, there are a few rules to qualify for the grants:

You must be under 45 years of age, be willing to spend at least $200,000 Swiss francs ($203,460) on buying or building a home in the village and obtain a Swiss permanent residence permit for foreign nationals - the latter of which could take quite a few years. Plus, the obvious: you need to be prepared to live 4,000 feet up in the beautiful Swiss Alp mountains. Just make sure you're fully committed, as you'll need to commit to living in Albinen for a full decade, or you'll have to refund the cash you received.

Still intrigued? If so, your family could be rewarded with roughly $25,000 per adult and around $10,000 per child. For the family of four this totals around $70,000. For a family like mine with two adults and seven kids, you'd receive the full $100,000. Not too shabby!

So if you're ready to chuck it all and get away to a beautiful place like Switzerland, then check out the videos and link below for more info.

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