Summer is synonymous with road rage. It's orange barrel season, after all. Road work EVERYWHERE. And it's unreasonably hot as of late. Seriously, how are we in the upper 90's and 100's all the time. All the time?! Mother Nature is going through something. Did she and Father Time have a nasty breakup we don't know about? But I digress. All I'm saying is that these two factors combined can make being in the car a nightmare. It would make sense for us to get a little ragey when someone isn't driving in a way we'd prefer.

As it turns out, Idaho is actually full of drivers who keep their cool when out and about on the streets. A new study ranked which states have the rudest drivers, and Idaho is 40th out of 50. Not bad, right? Especially in comparison to California which earned the top spot for rudest drivers. Would Idaho be even lower on the list if fewer Californians moved here bringing their road rage with them? I would never say that. But I bet some would make the assumption.

But that's not to say that being a rude driver doesn't necessarily equal a bad driver. Or vice versa. I'm a very kind driver, but I'm not a good one. Sorry, guys! To make the determination, compiled data from multiple studies analyzing both rude and bad driving along with other factors to come up with a score. You can find a full breakdown here.

But I think the important thing to take away from this is that Idaho drivers are very nice. So when roadwork, crappy drivers (I said I'm sorry!), and the heat make you wanna flip someone off while cutting them off, remember to be nice so next year's list has us in the 50th spot. 100% better than California. *Wink*

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