We all remember the major announcement, right? Garth Brooks was coming to The Blue for TWO nights. A back-to-back performance, the first time a major concert had been held on the world-famous blue turf--we could go on and on.

By the way, that concert sold out in no time at all and to this day it may go down as one of the biggest and most memorable shows to ever grace the Treasure Valley. After that show, the "brain-trust" on social media so to speak, was churning--everyone from Maroon 5 to Elton John were suggestions for shows on The Blue.

Despite the fact that 2020 was a total wash because of COVID-19, we have never heard of any concert rumors for the blue turf since.

An event for the community of this size is something we haven't seen before and will certainly make for some great memories for kids and families alike.

It will be taking place on July 24th at 6:00 p.m. and you can get all of the details on free admission and parking from the embedded tweet, above!

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