Truthfully I’m obsessed with the heat. The fact that it will be 100+ degrees for the next week or so is giving me life. But I’m also very aware that I wouldn’t love it so much if I didn’t have a way to easily escape the heat. I also grew up in Las Vegas, so temps hitting 110 and beyond were the norm for most of my summers. Again, I had a very active air conditioner keeping me cool whenever I'd run back inside from the sun blasting. But not everyone has that luxury and the City of Boise has put out a list of cooling shelters for anyone to utilize during these wild summer days.
Cathedral of the Rockies: 12pm- 4pm
Interfaith Sanctuary: All day
Corpus Christi House: 9am- 4pm
Main Library! Hayes Auditorium: 1pm- 4pm
June 28th- July 2nd
You can take respite from the heat and hydrate and relax during those peak hours when these insane temperatures are trying to ruin our lives. At the very least we're aren't experiencing the disaster happening on the coast. Stores are sold out of fans, air conditioners, sunscreen, and watermelon (not sure that's related to the heat wave). The cooling shelters here are thankfully equipped with air conditioning. No word on watermelon, but I think you can just pick one up at Albertsons.
Spread the word to anyone who doesn’t have access to proper air conditioning. This is open to any and everyone. Heat related health issues are avoidable if we take the proper precautions. And who knows, you might make some new friends too!

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