Every year spring represents a new beginning but this year in Moscow it's more complicated.

This spring the Idaho Vandals will prepare to go back to the future and the Big Sky Conference.

While controversial, the decision to return to the Big Sky conference was the Vandals only logical choice. The Sun Belt basically kicked Idaho out of the nest leaving them with two choices, independence or Big Sky.

Independence would have meant staying at the FBS level but at what cost? By dropping to FBS and the Big Sky the Vandals were on much better financial ground but can it make up for bruised egos?

630 The Fan sports radio is the Treasure Valley home for Idaho football and basketball broadcasts and the 2018 schedule is already creating a buzz.

Idaho matchups against Montana, Idaho State, Eastern Washington have already peaked interest not evident last year when the Vandals played South Alabama or some other far away opponent.

Idaho vs. Montana and other Big Sky teams is real, with history to back up the talk! The regional nature of the matchups brings a whole new excitement as does the FCS playoffs which include 16 teams and is considered the true measure of deciding a national champion.

Besides, the Vandals aren't exactly dodging FBS competition. Idaho opens at Fresno State  September 1st and the Florida Gators on the 2018 schedule.

The Big Sky returns to Moscow September 29th with Portland State at the Kibbie Dome, a whole new era in Vandal football but yet there'll be a familiar feel and connection.


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