Sandstone Vineyard and Idaho Botanical Gardens are two of the best small wedding venues in Boise, according to Yelp, and because of once-in-a-lifetime wedding dates, they'll be seeing an increase in mid-week bookings.

Happy anniversary to everyone who got married on 10-10-2020, and 10-20-20.  Those are some good anniversaries!  The dates are even, neat and tidy, and divisible, and hopefully, the first year for those couples has been equally as awesome.

If you like easy numbers to remember there are several sought-after wedding dates remaining in 2020, including the palindrome dates at the beginning of December. (Palindromes are words or sets of numbers that are the same forward as they are backward, like "racecar," and 02-02-20, which was another big wedding date.)  December's prime date will be 12-02-2021 if you don't mind getting married on a Thursday.  One of the most gorgeous weddings I ever attended was on a Thursday evening at an outdoor venue, and the bride and groom might have saved a little money too since it didn't happen on a high-demand Saturday.

Most wedding venues are already booked on weekends, but there is usually more availability during the week.  11-11 would be another good date, and that's on a Thursday.

These are the 9 Best Small Wedding Venues and Planners, According to Yelp:

1.  Bliss Events - Boise.  Wedding and event planning.

2.  Chateau de Fleurs - 176 South Rosebud

3.  Idaho Botanical Garden - 2355 Old Penitentiary Rd

4.  Waters Edge Event Center - 287 East Shore Dr

5.  Whatever Works - 5473 West Kendall (Catering)

6.  Sandstone Vineyard - Kuna and the surrounding area

7.  Discovery Center of Idaho - 131 West Myrtle

8.  Hotel 43 - 981 West Grove

9.  Sound Wave Events - 6169 Clinton Street

The Grove Hotel, Eagle Hills Golf Course, Firefly Ranch, and The Mint Barrel Barn Event Center are other ideas from The Knot.

Regardless of the date, weekday weddings are increasing in popularity because they're usually cheaper than Saturdays, and florists and caterers are easier to find between Monday and Thursday.  Weekdays weddings are also usually smaller, making them more intimate, and that helps the bride and groom when they're making the rounds at the reception.

Whenever you do it, congrats!  10-21-2021 would b a good one too.

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