Maybe as I am getting older -mid-30s- I am also getting more irritated with certain things. Solicitation calls on phones have been around almost as long as phones have been around. I remember being young and hearing my dad answer our one landline and corded phone in the kitchen. His tone always changed when it was someone trying to sell something. I feel like solicitation phone calls should be illegal. Seriously. I pay for this phone and I pay for the service.

Like I said I think I am getting grouchier as I get deeper into adulthood and things that used to bother me I let roll off, unlike in my younger and more dramatic years. Other times things that maybe would not have bothered me as much really really do now. My privacy and time are valuable to me and I feel like both are violated when I receive unwanted phone calls and unwanted door solicitors.

I don't give my phone number out often. I don't fill out a bunch of online forms or try to win big prizes by giving up my information, I know too much to know that that is how your number gets in caller rotation. It doesn't seem to matter now a days. They will almost always find you. While I get an occasional scam call that usually comes from a national and unrecognizable number, those I know not to answer. If they really know me or need me they can leave a message, 99% of the time they don't because they are either trying to sell me something or scam me and when I don't answer they move on to the next number.

At 6:30pm on Friday evening I got a call from a local number on my phone. The number started with 208-565- Figuring it was something that actually pertained to me I answered. Darn...

After asking if it was me with my first and last name the woman on the other line said, "This is so and so from J...... Real Estate, are you thinking about buying or selling a home in the area anytime soon."

I simply, and kindly replied with "Nope, and I don't know where you got my phone number but please take it off of your call list. Thank you. Bye."

I understand the importance of standing out against the competition and finding creative ways to do marketing; But calling people's personal cell phones, especially on a Friday evening when most people are having dinner and spending time with family is a no, no. Even if you make one score and someone bites, you have most likely really ticked off a much larger amount of people, thus killing your long term success. Radio, billboards, google search, top notch website, social media and web advertising all makes way more sense and will be more successful in the long run than invading peoples personal space and time. Do not call me on my cell phone unless I know you or asked you to. do not come to my house to try to sell me something unless I asked you to. Bottom line.
You can also check out my article "An Open Letter to Door to Door Salesmen" where I got pretty upset with a pushy solicitor who randomly showed up on my doorstep.

I don't feel like I am being a 'Karen' about all of this but maybe I am?

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